The Gratz Bank and its division LINKBANK
Question: Will there be changes to existing products and services?
Answer: No, your current accounts, are not changing at this time. We are excited to announce a new line of accounts and services to better meet our clients’ financial needs. See the included Product Offerings included for Personal and Business. Contact the Solutions Center (branch) for further details or to inquire how to convert your existing product.
Question: Will my account numbers change?
Answer: No, Account numbers will stay the same for deposit and loan accounts.
Question: Will fees change?
Answer: Many will not, but those that do, will be effective January 1, 2019. Please see the fee schedule insert.
Question: Will the bank routing number change?
Answer: No, the routing number #031918569 will stay the same.
Question: Do I have to re-establish any direct deposit or automatic payments that I had previously set up on my Stonebridge Bank accounts?
Answer: No, If you had previously established direct deposits or payments, they will automatically continue.
Question: Will I need to order new checks?
Answer: No, Please continue to use your existing supply. The next time you place an order through LINKBANK, the updated information will automatically be included.
Question: Will I continue to receive my statement at the same time of the month?
Answer: Yes, we plan to send monthly statements at the same time you received them in the past.
Question: Will my loan payment due date change?
Answer: No, your loan payment due date will not change.
Question: My loan payment is automatically deducted from my account. Will that service continue?
Answer: Yes, your loan payment will continue to be automatically deducted from your account.
Question: Will the timing or frequency of my certificate of deposit interest checks change?
Answer: No, the frequency of your checks will not change.
Question: Will I receive a new Debit Card or ATM Card?
Answer: No, you can continue to use your current card. You will receive a LINKBANK branded replacement card prior to your current card’s expiration date.
Question: Will LINKBANK charge me a service fee if I use my Debit Card/ATM Card at another financial institution’s ATM?
Answer: Beginning 1/1/19, LINKBANK will offer Surcharge Free Worldwide ATM usage (Exchange rates/fees are applicable as charged). Surcharge fees incurred will be refunded timely.
Question: Will I still be able to access my online banking account?
Answer: Yes, and we are excited to announce the website is new and improved. LINKBANK.COM will be available beginning 12/6/18. will still be available and will automatically reroute you to LINKBANK.COM. We strongly encourage you to add LINKBANK.COM to your favorites today to avoid any interruption in service. Your current User ID and Password will continue to function on the new website.
Question: Will I still be able to access my accounts through Mobile Banking?
Answer: Yes, New and improved, Mobile App for both Android and Apple will be available through the App Store beginning 12/6/18; Search for LINKBANK Online Banking. Existing Stonebridge app will continue to work however, we strongly encourage you to download the new LINKBANK app for a more client friendly experience. Your current User ID and Password will continue to function on the new app.
Question: Will the acquisition affect the FDIC insurance on my deposit accounts?
Answer: FDIC insurance on your deposit accounts will remain the same and the funds will continue to be insured under the FDIC’s general deposit insurance rules. For more information about FDIC insurance coverage visit
Question: What do I do if I have additional questions?
Answer: Please contact your Solutions Center (branch) directly or call our toll-free # 800-807-1666 normal business hours of Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.
Question: Where are your Solution Center (branch) locations?
Answer: Our current location at 605 Willowbrook Ln. West Chester, PA 19382 remains open. We anticipate opening additional Solutions Center locations in 2019.